November 28, 2016

“Sometimes, it is no easy thing to reconcile God’s providences with his promises, and yet we are sure they are reconcilable, for God’s works fulfil his word  and never contradict it.” Matthew Henry (1662-1714)

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2 Responses to November 28, 2016

  1. Donnie says:

    A quote of truth,

    Absolutely a quote based on whether we believe God is involved with all things of creation, particularly when we cannot see him such as a president, king or any leader of influence. It is here that one’s faith is tested and tempted for an outcome of behavior pointing way to a creator, or to mere chance being in control of all things.

    At this point, we must make a decision as to what relationships are all about in light of making promises to one another and to keep those promises that reflect what is true and good, that these particular attributes are in one sense a manifestation of the true living God that has made promises based alone on who he is; and that God’s Word tells us that he cannot lie. Therefore we may trust him who will never leave us or forsake us regardless of not being able to see him.

    Saved by the true living unseen God. All glory to Him.


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