Majestic Reflection of Jesus Christ

Majestic Reflection of Jesus Christ

By Napoleon Bonaparte

The following excerpt was found in a book titled “Life and Words of Christ” by Cunningham Geikie, originally published by John B. Alden (1890).

“From first to last,” said the great Napoleon, on one occasion, ‘Jesus is the same; always the same—majestic and simple, infinitely severe and infinitely gentle.  Throughout a life passed under the public eye, He never gives occasion to find fault.  The prudence of His conduct compels our admiration by its union of force and gentleness.  Alike in speech and action, He is enlightened, consistent, and calm.  Sublimity is said to be an attribute of divinity:  what name, then, shall we give Him in whose character were united every element of the sublime?

I know men; and I tell you that Jesus is not a man.  Everything in Him amazes me.  His spirit outreaches mine, and His will confounds me.  Comparison is impossible between Him and any other being in the world.  He is truly a being by Himself.  His ideas and His sentiments; the truth that He announces; His manner of convincing; are all beyond humanity and the natural order of things.

His birth, and the story of His life; the profoundness of His doctrine, which overturns all difficulties, and is their most complete solution; His Gospel; the singularity of His mysterious being; His appearance; His empire; His progress through all centuries and kingdoms;–all this is to me a prodigy, an unfathomable mystery.

I see nothing here of man.  Near as I may approach, closely as I may examine, all remains above my comprehension—great with a greatness that crushes me.  It is in vain that I reflect—all remains unaccountable!

“I defy you to cite another life like that of Christ.

(Editorial note:  As to the spiritual condition of Napoleon Bonaparte, there is no conclusive proof.  However, the above comment is indicative that sometime in his life, he obtained an admirable impression of Jesus Christ the righteous.)

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