September 29, 2015

This daily thought is exceedingly long, but it speaks volumes.

“We cannot attain to a comprehension of all the wisdom of God. We cannot see how its several parts cohere with each other, or how they consist with the perfections of Him who designed it and who is conducting it. There is much that, to human view, seems to be at variance with a well-ordered administration. There is much that we cannot account for, much that we cannot understand. There are many things in the management of the world that completely baffle every attempt to unriddle them. We cannot see why they are, nor why God permits them, nor how He can consistently permits them. With our limited understandings and our restricted range of observation, we cannot pretend to fathom the bottomless deep, nor measure what has no bound. We cannot, even by the most prolonged search of the most elaborate investigation, attain to a thorough understanding of God’s infinite designs. But the keenest insight and the most indefatigable application of the human faculties fail to discover the wisdom that rules in all the secrets that resolve all mysteries, harmonizes all strifes, reconciles all contradictions, and reduces this seemingly inextricable confusion to perfect symmetry and order hidden in God’s mind alone.” William Henry Green (1848-1924)

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