January 24, 2015

“You will soon know that your bitterest trials and your sorest pains are sure tokens of His love. The father corrects because he loves. In anxious care, the physician deeply probes the wounds. Thus, Jesus makes earth hard, that you may long for heaven’s holy rest. He shows you your self-vileness that you may prize His cleansing blood. He suffers you to stumble that you may cleave more closely to His side. He makes the world a blank that you may seek all comfort in Himself. If He seems to change, it is that you may change. He hides His face, that you may look towards Him. He is silent, that you may cry more loudly. His desertion prevents your desertion.” Henry Law (1797-1844)

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1 Response to January 24, 2015

  1. Don says:

    I find this to be a very reliable quote, understanding the purpose of God for his child that what seems to be an unloving God, is just the opposite giving to his chosen vessel the necessary love that only comes through suffering that most assuredly his child understands that suffering is the instrument by which the Father uses to keep for himself those he cherishes unto the image of his Son, that one day, we will all be like Him for those who trust Jesus.

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