February 23, 2014

“How shall a man triumph if he never have victory? and how shall he have the victory if he never fights?  God leads His people into the field that they may fight.  But in all this fight, God stands by, Christ stands by, love stands by; and God has no design but of love upon His children in their temptations.”  (William Bridge  1600-1671)

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1 Response to February 23, 2014

  1. Don says:

    I find from this quote that in God’s sovereignty through His sanctification, he places suffering in our lives, so that He will walk with us experiencing our pain in order that we will see His love of forgiveness as we continue to fail due to our ongoing sinning.

    This is the sum of the matter, that God chooses to love us, never will He leave us in spite of who we are as sinners, giving us a glimpse of daily victory unto that day of face to face triumph.

    This will be a joyous day for us who believe.

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