December 26, 2012

“To flame with indignation at corrupt motives and base conduct is not wrong.”  (David Thomas;  1813-1894)

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3 Responses to December 26, 2012

  1. Don says:

    Very direct quote in which I agree with the content “however , suppose that we correct those who are hostile to true motives of the things that are good, what would be the end results ? If I truly believe this quote or better said in regards to God’s word concerning His truth, am I ready to sacrifice relationships for the sake of His truth ? Does God’s word (His truth) have priority over the peace we have developed in our relationships ? Thoughts anyone ? Looking for honesty (:

    • thekayeltongroup2 says:

      Dear Christalone. Titus chaprtr one has ststes the following in verses 9-13. See also First Timothy 5: 20-22, and also Second Timothy 4: 1-5, and again Titus 2:15.

      Thanks Don for the comment. I will deal with the other one in the near future. That one is much deeper and will need a little more thought.

      God bless you and your family.

  2. Don says:

    To: thekayeltongroup2 . Thanks much for the scripture references . I assume in saying this, so I will be careful in my presupposition which is not to insult or display an attitude of arrogance but only to walk with you in the truth ‘and so here is my assumption. All that you have given here with some of the verses has certainly spurred and reminded me of what we should do together as “true Christians” concerning my earlier questions . My hope is with these verses you mean by which to say that it is imperitive to speak up to those in the church who are hostle to the true and pure motives that are commanded for us from God’s word even if it means that there will be a loss of relationships . For I know it to be true in order to have foundational relationships they must be one on one in harmony with the True Provider of His motives . It seems harsh to say that we need to sacrifice fellowship with some especially when not all agree with what God is saying from his word ,so it would require asking God for wisdom, understanding and great patience with each other “however , there is that hill of true motives that we must be willing to die on in order to have true peaceful relationships . Thanks again with blessing to all .

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