August 25, 2012

“To enter the place of a doer before you have occupied that of a listener, is to reverse God’s order, and throw everything into confusion.”  (Unknown; 1859)

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2 Responses to August 25, 2012

  1. leahbang says:

    Someone once told me that “ego” stands for “easing God out.” The most difficult practices….(listening, patience, trust) are the most neccessary for me.

  2. Don says:

    This quote speaks to me well with regard to humility , that is the lack there of apart from the One who expresses the truth about himself in his life and finished work . Understanding what Jesus Christ has done for those who believe is to humble ourselves before him by his grace in order for the world to see his love away from our work . Great quote as well as the first comment from Leah Bang .

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