June 30, 2012

“The believer, in his union with Christ, is viewed as perfectly righteous, because in truth he is so, for the righteousness of God is ‘upon him,’ Rom. 3:22;  Jehovah is  his righteousness, Jer. 23: 6.  God is therefore just in justifying him; and in the day of judgment the Great Judge will pronounce him ‘righteous,’ Matt. 15:37-46, and award to him ‘a crown of righteousness,’ according to the strictest justice.  The gift of this righteousness, with the justification it brings alone with it, is indeed perfectly gratuitous, and the manner of bestowing it is gratuitous—freely by grace; but ‘grace reigns through righteousness’ Rom. 5: 21,–in that way which meets every demand of the law and justice.”  (Robert Haldane; 1772-1854)

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