April 28, 2010

“Low views of the dignity of His person will engender low views of the necessity and nature of His work.  (Speaking of the Holy Spirit)  Octavius Winslow  (1808-1878)

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1 Response to April 28, 2010

  1. Don says:

    Solid quote from Octavius Winslow! Looking at a closer definition of the word dignity brings thoughts of the character of Christ within my own heart ‘and as I do, I am most thankful for the miracle of regeneration that the Holy Spirit has done on my behalf ‘however, when it comes to the ongoing clean up work of the Holy Spirit, this is where I drop the sanctifying ball because of high view that it’s me who is doing the awesome work that only belongs to the Holy Spirit which shows me the faith I do not have at times since I rather depend on self. At the same time praising the Holy Spirit is the result for reminding me of His dignity from the word that He will continue the character of Christ within my heart. ” God alone for all things!”

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